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A cardboard box can go a long way

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Hello Tumblr Followers!

In NYC today? Ever wanted to say hi, or buy some of my artwork? I will be selling my artwork in The Mall of Central Park (the long straight path lined by trees leading up to the Bethesda Fountain) today 8/27/14, from around 11:45-2:00 as a little test run.

Hopefully I read all the rules right and the NYPD don’t arrest me, if so, it will be in the name of art! So look for me and my friend and be sure to say hi! The pictures have captions as to what they are!

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A Note

I’m going to upload the last few theatre boxes I’ve made. They’re going to be the last few for a little while. I’ve made so many this summer I started to lose steam and interest in them. Also, I will be going back to school in around two weeks and I’d like to spend time going outside :)

I apologize if they seem a little lackluster compared to others. As I said I was losing steam and then I took a little personal hit that took me down a little. At school, especially this year as an RA, making them is pretty impossible, so sadly I won’t be making new ones until winter break.

Thanks to all my Followers though for keeping up with me and my work. I was once told I wouldn’t get anywhere with this blog and I’m now 300+ strong and it makes me feel so proud. In the interim between now and the next recreation, I will try and upload any New York art I do, any makeup and maybe some of my top secret set designs I have hidden away ;)

Again a big thanks! I know it’s kinda lame, but for someone who doesn’t socialize as much as the average teen, the occasional messages and attention my posts get makes me feel less alone, and my work (that some used to make fun of), appreciated. Enjoy!

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Don’t forget to use the Archive Button to look for a show you like! As of 6/13/14 I have made a Theatre Box for over 80 Broadway Shows!