Theatre in A Box

A cardboard box can go a long way

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Lady Gaga leaving the “Roseland Ballroom” after her rehearsals.

I was there for this and that card that looks like her album cover is mine :) So happy I found this picture online.

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Hello all, while this isn’t my usual post, I would like to support my best friends endeavors. She has just started a wonderful blog with recipes, photography, and updates on her life as an activist, speaker, and youth leadership counselor. One of the most driven people I know, I am forever grateful she has become a part of my life, and I would love if anyone could check it out. Much thanks!

Without further ado, Melbow Room:

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Personal Update

Hey followers, well to be honest, I am very unhappy and mixed up right now. Sadly, my artwork has to be put on the back burner for a little while I try and work things out with myself, so it may be a little while until the next box is uploaded. There was a tie between Newsies and Passion for the next one, so I guess you’ll have to wait and see which one I picked :) Until then, hope you’re doing better than me :p Thanks for your continued support of my artwork

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Hey Folks!

Hello followers! Sorry for how long I’ve been away, but college was pretty busy. However, I am on break and itching to start making boxes again. So! Prepare for the following (in no particular order):

Kinky Boots, The Glass Menagerie, A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder, Annie, Betrayal, Waiting for Godot, and First Date!

I cannot wait to start again :)